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Selling Your Scrap Car


If you have a car that is already old and damaged you need to ask yourself what the best thing to do with it is. If you feel that you are no longer willing to spend money on it so that it can still run then it can probably now be classified as a scarp car.


So now this car which used to be your pride and joy is done with its job and is now destined for the great scrap my car portsmouth yard. How then will you go about disposing of this old lump of metal?


It is actually a simple thing to do. You simply call in the professionals in order to remove the vehicle and dispose of it for you. These professionals could dispose of your vehicle in an environmentally friendly way by decontaminating it and recycling it for the scrap metal.


You can find many reputable we buy any car southampton dealers out there but you have to be cautious in your dealings because as there are reputable ones there are also those who are of shady character. Below are some tips in finding a reputable scrap car dealer where you can dispose of your scrap car.


You should look for a company that works within your locality. Determine if they are a well established scrap car dealer that is experienced in this field.


Make sure that this company has a license from the environment agency. With a license you are sure that it is a lawful company when it comes to the transport and carrying of scrap metal and scrap vehicles.


There should be paper work that they need to fill so that people or authorities will know that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle. You should ask if they can give you a letter of confirmation upon the destruction or scrapping of your car. This should be generated when the car has been scrapped and the authorities have been informed. You should receive this confirmation letter a few weeks after the scrapping of your car.


You car should be taken away by a recovery truck and not towed or driven because it may not be in a road worthy condition. All professionals will know that it should be removed by recovery truck and would not risk towing or driving your vehicle away.


You should make sure that if you are offered cash for your scrap car that you receive the payment before your car is removed. Do not agree if they will send the payment later because you can end up without anything.